UGG Location Scout

In 2015 I did a location scout for Micon Worldwide in NYC. The scout required confidentiality and at the time, and for a year after, I couldn’t share any photographs or tell anyone I was shooting locations for UGG Australia.

The scouting required about 3 days of photography, and when the crew showed up for the shoot I spent 3 more days helping them get to-and-from locations around Yosemite. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute working with the Micon crew and their amazing photographer Cathrine Wessel, who as we discovered while working together, went to the same school I did, the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver CO.

I would like to present a small gallery with examples of the location scout photos and with the final results taken by Cathrine. To say the least, the photographs she captured are simply beautiful. It was an awesome experience and I could not have worked with a better crew.

gxl_55a3efe3-de34-4f07-8fee-5baa0a771fd0.jpgIMG_1198.jpgIMG_1200.jpgF15-W-Lodge-MNRS-FW-Robbyn-GNHR-AP-W-Novelty Braided Cable Beanie- ASTR-CWA-HERO.jpgIMG_1104.jpgIMG_1133.jpggm_568c830e-f36c-47b4-8943-61ff0a771fd0.jpgIMG_0892.jpggxl_55a3efe4-9a80-45e0-a266-68250a771fd0.jpgUGG_Winter15_Yosemite_Day1_Shot6_045_05+rgb.jpgIMG_1463.jpggxl_55a3efeb-fbd8-415d-9bd3-6a790a771fd0.jpgIMG_1171.jpggxl_55a3efe8-a200-4ca9-b595-08660a771fd0.jpgIMG_1173.jpggxl_55a3eff0-3190-46a3-8392-58a70a771fd0.jpgIMG_1146.jpggxl_55a40019-649c-4a67-872b-08630a771fd0.jpgIMG_0823.jpgIMG_0810.jpgF15-M-Briscoe-GRZ-FW-HERO.jpgIMG_1072.jpgIMG_1102.jpg

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